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ECFA Bylaws 2023

The East Coast Football Association Bylaws are in place as a guide. This
guide is governed by the ECFA Staff and adhered to by ECFA Team
Ownership. This guide will not be used to benefit any one team more
than another and the league President and Staff has the authority to
make common sense judgements to maintain good order and discipline.
Final 12/14/2020

Section 1. - The name of the organization shall be the East Coast Football Association (ECFA)
Section 2. - The names of the Divisions shall be determined by the League President once all teams are determined.

The East Coast Football Association is formed for the following purposes: (a) To provide a football league that fosters and facilitates amateur tackle training and competitions regionally, nationally, and internationally (b) To support the
growth of amateur football regionally, nationally, and internationally (c) To organize, coordinate, and support football
games with other regional, national, and international; football teams and leagues (d) To train, educate, and promote
football players who desire to play on regional, national, and international football teams (e) To publish information which
discusses subjects described in (a) through (d) above (f) To solicit, receive, maintain, invest, and reinvest funds of real
and personal property and to contribute its income and principal as deemed advisable for the purposes provided in (a)
through (e) above.

Section 1. - The East Coast Football Association shall consist of all current ECFA teams that meet admission
requirements, teams that are in good standing and teams that have paid the league fees due at the scheduled times given,
unless otherwise approved by the League’s Staff. Membership is recognized as being season-by-season.

Section 2. - Each ECFA team in good standing shall be entitled to one (1) vote, when a voting situation is presented.

Section 3. - A team shall be considered not in good standing if it has forfeited a game or if, in the judgment of the
ECFA Staff, it has acted in willful violation of the East Coast Football Association By-Laws or Standing Rules. A
forfeited game is defined as a game played, not played or not completed because:
-One of the teams failed to show up to the designated competition site
-The home team changed the game time, day or location without proper notification as outlined in the ECFA By-Laws per Conduct and Regulation of Team Unit, Section 9
-The game was called by the ECFA Referee Official for failure to follow ECFA regulations
-One of the teams used an ineligible player. A player without a release from his former team.
 (A player’s ineligibility must be documented prior to game day kickoff)

Section 4. - All new teams are on a one-year probationary period with voting rights, with exception of By-Laws issues.
Probationary status will be reviewed by the ECFA Staff. A team needs a vote by the President and/or Commissioners to
pass from probationary status to good standing. If there is a negative vote, in which majority of the teams within good standing
vote for a team to be removed, the President and/or Commissioners will strongly consider the vote into the final decision.

Section 5. - All league debts are to be paid in full one (1) month prior to opening date of the current season. 
If payment is not made, the team has decided to forfeit the current season. Regardless of which
team violates this, it shall be handled on a zero-tolerance basis.

Section 6. - A team that has forfeited a prior season must be voted in by the majority of the returning ECFA Owners and will be required to pay the league dues in full by the date given by the ECFA President.

Section 7. – ECFA Players that choose to play in other semi-pro/minor professional leagues during the same calendar year are subject to the following restrictions.
1. These players cannot miss an ECFA to participate in any other league.
2. These players are not eligible for selection or play for any ECFA All-Star events.

Section 1. - The East Coast Football Association leadership shall consist of league President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Lead Commissioner, Personnel Officer, President of the Player Association, and Head of Security.

Section 2. - The President CANNOT be voted out for any reason besides criminal actions detrimental to the league.

Section 3. - The East Coast Football Association Vice President CANNOT be released from his/her duties for any reason besides the following:
Removed by League President
and criminal actions detrimental to the league

Section 4. – The East Coast Football Association Officers shall consist of a Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner(s) and Head of Officials.

Section 5. – ECFA Officers can be removed by the league President and Vice President for cause.

Section 6. - The East Coast Football Association shall have 2 directors who report to the Vice President as requested:
Head of Officials and Lead Commissioner.

Section 7. - The Director positions are appointed and Directors will maintain the status until resigning or removal by the
ECFA President.

President Duties:
-Preside over all ECFA meetings
-Presides over the Leadership and Admissions
-Responsible for ECFA Scheduling
-Have general supervision over the affairs of the ECFA
-Have final authority over ECFA decisions

Vice President duties:
-Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence, incapacity or resignation
-Assist the President in whatever capacity the President deems necessary
-Have direct purview over director positions
-Report all League aspect to the President, before made public

Secretary Duties:
-Keep accurate records of all ECFA meetings
-Notify all ECFA members of meetings 
-Circulate copies of the minutes of each meeting 

Treasurer Duties:
-Maintain complete and accurate records of the ECFA's income and expenditures 
-Have charge of all ECFA finances; will have two-person integrity with the league President
- Present a current report on the ECFA's finances at each league meeting

Commissioner(s) Duties:
-Responsible for game day execution
-Cannot be a member of an active ECFA Team
-Responsible for league and player discipline in their conference/division
-Handle all necessary ECFA correspondence
-Handle disciplinary issues that occur on game day

Deputy Commissioner(s) duties:
- Assume the duties of the Commissioner in his absence, incapacity or resignation
- Assist the Commissioner in whatever capacity the Commissioner deems necessary

Head of Officials Duties:
-Responsible for ensuring all ECFA games have assigned referees weekly
-Responsible for ensuring the quality of officiating is consistent with ECFA standards
-Understand current NFL rules and making modifications to ECFA rules to ensure safety and great entertainment
-Obtaining and distributing weekly reports on game day happenings
-Ensuring accurate weekly scores reporting
-Report to the League President to confirm fields location by Thursday at 9:00 pm

Section 1. - The Judiciary Committee shall consist of Vice President and all ECFA Commissioners. If the Judiciary Committee falls below the membership minimum of three (3), then the committee's power shall revert to the ECFA President.

Section 2. - It shall be the duty of the Judiciary Committee to settle grievances between teams and to rule on any disciplinary action to be administered as per the current By-Laws. Grieving teams may present such facts or arguments that they deem proper, subject to the control of the Judiciary Committee who will conduct the hearing. They will answer all questions put to them by the other members of the Judiciary Committee, after which they will retire to another room to allow discussion and judgment by the Judiciary Committee. The majority vote will dictate the judgment.
-All judgments shall go before the ECFA President and to be made official prior to team notifications.
-The ECFA President will cast a vote in the event of a tie.
-The President has the power to veto a judgment based on best interest of the league. 

Section 3. - In the event of an emergency situation, the Judiciary Committee may act upon the grievance prior to the
receipt of written copy of said grievance.

Section 4. - The Judiciary Committee may elect to conduct hearings in person, electronic correspondence or by conference call. All notes will be made public by request.

Section 5. - Any Judiciary Committee decision will be immediately released to the ECFA membership by the ECFA President

Section 6. - Any grievance decision by the Judiciary Committee may be appealed to the Vice President. 

Section 7. – The Judiciary Committee has the authority to recommend the removal of teams who are in violation of ECFA By-Laws or if they are operating in a manner that may be determined to be detrimental to league business.

Section 8. – A recommendation of removal will go to the Vice President for action, implementation and/or approval

These By-Laws may be amended at an ECFA Meeting by a majority vote of the membership present in good standing, provided that written or verbal notice of the proposed change or amendment has been given to the ECFA President no later than one (1) month prior to the upcoming season.

The Admission Committee shall consist of the President, VP, and a minimum of four (3) SENIOR members, two (2) north and two (2) south, as appointed by the ECFA President.
It shall be the duty of the Admissions Committee to:
-Receive applications from new teams via E-mail.
- Review and recommend applications for meeting minimal requirements.
- Investigate new team applications and present at the next Staff Meeting.
- All teams meeting minimal requirements shall be invited to the next League Meeting for presentation to the entire ECFA.
In order for a new team to be admitted into the ECFA, majority vote is required. Unless league President exercise his/her right for direct entry of teams. The focal point for this measurement shall be the established playing field that meets ECFA standards, for that franchise. (President’s Office Reserve the right to allow or decline admission despite vote)

****A team returning to the ECFA in good standing is eligible for automatic re-entry. ****

The preparation of the schedule shall be the responsibility of the ECFA President.
All special requests for home game dates must be submitted to the ECFA President prior to the date given by the League President. Once the regular season schedule is released to the league members there can no more changes of opponents and/or game dates. If a team drops after the schedules are released then it will be the League’s President duty to fill in any open dates if possible.
All games will be played as scheduled; Games with prior approved permission from the Commissioner for relocation due to fire, flood, other acts of God, or the Stadium Facility management access denial will be acted upon by the Commissioner. Once all information related to the relocation request has been submitted, the Commissioner will hand down a final determination with approval from the League’s President.
Request for relocation of game field must be submitted as soon as possible. The ECFA understands that certain events may take place that are out of the control of the home team but in order for the league to assist the home team, the league must be notified as soon as possible. If a delay in notification to the Commissioner has been found, then the game MAY be awarded to the visiting team. Other disciplinary actions can be administered against the home team by the Judiciary Committee.

  • Article X – SCHEDULING
Preseason - Each team may schedule their own preseason games. Their opponents can be interleague, utilizing teams from other leagues. Both teams will need to govern a set of rules either NFL or NCAA collegian rules to play by. The teams win/loss record will be not utilized nor acknowledged for ECFA regular season records; however, the games with officials will count towards your overall record. 

-- Regular Season:

-All Sunday games MUST be scheduled two (2) weeks in advanced and approved by the President.
- All Sunday games MUST be with local teams: A local team is defined as team within 60 minutes of the game site.
- All Sunday games not scheduled with at least two (2) weeks’ notice and are outside of the 60 minutes travel distance. MUST get approval by the President, the Head of Officials and the opposing team ownership
- Play-off Games are on a case-by-case basis and will be governed with common sense by the President.

All ECFA games shall be scheduled for Saturday (no kickoff after 8:00pm unless approved by the League’s President and Head of Officials) or Sunday (no kickoff after 5:00pm)
- Teams traveling less than 1 hour to 1.5 hours: games can be scheduled as early as 12:00 noon
- Teams traveling 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours: games can be scheduled no earlier than 2:00 pm
- Teams traveling greater than 2.5 hours: games can be scheduled no earlier than 5:00 pm

All ECFA games shall be scheduled for Saturday (no kickoff after 8:00pm unless approved by the League’s President and Head of Officials) or Sunday (no kickoff after 5:00pm)
- Teams traveling less than 1 hour to 1.5 hours: games can be scheduled as early as 12:00 noon
- Teams traveling 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours: games can be scheduled no earlier than 2:00 pm
- Teams traveling greater than 2.5 hours: games can be scheduled no earlier than 5:00 pm

**(Kick-off Classic is the Exemption) **

Each of the ECFA Owner is responsible for each of his/her players to register via Team Snap with a full and complete roster listing with player’s information. 
Amendments to the team roster must be updated via Team Snap prior to Friday at 10:00am. A roster may have up to sixty-five (65) players.
For new players to be added to a team's roster, the team must submit the new player’s information via Team Snap prior to the Friday at 10:00am roster cut-off time. The Personnel Officer will research the candidate and determine if the player is eligible to be added to the team’s roster. 
The Personnel Officer will then distribute to all teams a weekly update of team roster changes. 

-- Final Roster:
Must be submitted via Team Snap no later than Thursday at 11:59pm after the seventh (7th) game of the official regular season schedule. The Personnel Officer will notify the President with this information. 
Players contracted with an ECFA organization are on a per season basis and can change teams in between seasons.
If the release is not provided, the player can send a request to the Personnel Officer. The Judiciary Committee will review all information and the make a determination. If the ruling is for the team, then the player may be released only at the team's discretion. If the ruling is in favor of the player then they are determined to be a free agent and may then sign with any other team. The player has the right to sit out the season if their request for release is not agreed upon.
After the ECFA has officially completed its season, all players are declared free agents and are permitted to change from one team to another without consent. However, each player must fulfill their financial or equipment obligations to the player’s losing team. Each team is to notify the ECFA with a list of outstanding financial and equipment obligations at the ECFA meetings prior to the start of the season. If the equipment is not returned prior to the first game of the new season, the player will be ineligible.
Roster checks are optional each game. Roster checks must be done prior to the game’s kickoff, during warmups or gate entry. All Commissioners, Referees, and Owners can call for a random roster check. All players must have photo I.D. to compare with the name on the roster. It is advised that roster checks be done at the entry point of the stadium to avoid stadium delays.
Any member team found in violation of this rule shall be subject to immediate suspension.  

Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any team, team official or any individual player, whether it be on the field or off, shall be dealt with by the Judiciary Committee. The offending person or persons may be subjected to disciplinary measures up to and including suspension and/or expulsion from the league. Each Team’s Owner shall be held responsible for the conduct of its players and its staff, whether individually or collectively. The Judiciary Committee may, if they deem it beneficial to the ECFA, suspend any team personnel. A second violation in the same season results in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the year.
Any that forfeits a game will have to pay a forfeiture fee of $300 before playing the next scheduled ECFA game or before the end of that respective season if happens after the last game of the year.
If a team is 60 minutes late a $200 fine will be given to be paid immediately, before the kick-off of that present game, which will go towards the referees.
The ECFA Administration has the authority to remove any organization that is not abiding to the by-laws or any acts deemed as detrimental to the league.

The ECFA will follow the NFL dress code with matching pants, jerseys, and helmets (including facemask). Socks must consist of team’s colors. Each item(s) not matching as listed above will be fined $50 (each time it happens).  
Each team shall be equipped with two (2) sets of jerseys, one dark and one light of the team colors, to allow for the use of contrasting uniforms in each scheduled game. All players must wear the same number at home and away games. If a change absolutely has to be made, the opposing team, PA announcer and members of the press must be informed and it must be reflected on the roster for that game. The roster will be sent to the other team on the Friday prior to the game. Failure to adhere to any of the above will result in an automatic fifty ($50) dollar fine for each violation payable to the league within five (5) days.
**** Each number may be repeated only once throughout the entire roster****
Each visiting team shall contact that week’s opposing home team on Wednesday prior to the playing date, and confirm playing field location and locker rooms availability. If home team cannot provide field location prior to Wednesday by 12:00 noon, the away team can then choose to host the game. If the away team chooses not to host, the schedule home team has until Thursday at 8pm to provide details or a forfeit will be issued. The home team has the right to choose whether to wear dark or light jerseys each week. If the visiting team does NOT have a contrasting jersey color: The visiting team will pay the home team a $75 convenience fee and the home team will wear their alternate set. This situation will be handled by the League’s President.
Each team is to provide the opposing team with any roster uniform changes at least 60 minutes prior to game time and/or post it on the Facebook Owner’s Forum. Failure to adhere to any of the above will result in an automatic fifty ($50) dollar fine payable to the league within five (5) days and/or forfeit of game.

Each team must submit for league approval, the name, address of the facilities and a facility contact that the team proposes to utilize for home games. This information must be submitted for verification, prior to the
release of regular season schedules at the given date.
Required Game day facilities:
1. Must play its home games at a field surrounded by secured fencing for adequate crowd control

2. The field must have proper yard marking (at least every 10 yards), first down markers, official padding for goal post and properly lighting for night games.


4. Separate shower and locker room facilities will be provided for each team. (Traveling over 4 hours – if Available)

5. Proper rest room facilities must be provided for the fans.
Each home team will be responsible for providing authorized medical personnel at ECFA games which include medical doctors, physician’s assistants, EMTs, Registered Nurse and/or certified trainers. 
Ambulances will be called if necessary, by the authorized medical personnel via direct communication. The authorized medical personnel's identification will be shown, upon request, to the visiting team. An effort will be made by the home team, as often as possible, to provide an ambulance at the game. If no medical personnel are present, the game will be delayed for ½ hour for medical care to arrive.

1. The ECFA rules shall be the NFL rules except as modified by the ECFA.

2. Each game shall be worked by a crew of officials, qualified and certified by a recognized association of Certified Football Officials. The crew of officials shall be paid in accordance with the determination by the ECFA Head of Officials or Lead Commissioner.

3. The home team shall furnish chain crews, chains and sideline markers. The visiting team has the right to place one (1) member of its organization on the chain crew if they desire. The visiting team however, must notify the home team of such decision at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled game time.

4. Visible security of some kind must be present for each event. The security must be identifiable.

5. The home team shall furnish thirty-two (32) pounds of ice and water for the visiting team. Each team will furnish three (3) NFL or College (GT 1003) regulation footballs. The game officials must approve the three footballs prior to game time.

6. The home team will provide access to the locker room and field facilities, for the visiting team, at least one (1) hour prior to kickoff, if available.

7. The presence of an ECFA Official is preferred at all ECFA post season games. ECFA officials should be present at all games (if possible) to ensure that the facilities and game conditions meet ECFA standards. If no ECFA official is available for a game, the visiting coach will prepare a game report (verbal or written). The ECFA officials will rotate each week. No team should go more than 4 weeks without coverage.

8. For every ECFA sanction game, the visiting team is responsible for their transportation expenses.

9. All teams must accept playoff ranking and participation. Any team that qualifies for the playoffs should meet that obligation. Failure to participate will be forwarded to the Judiciary Committee for review.

10. For all playoff games, the Head of Officials will assign all game day officials. There will be a total of 6 to 7 officials for all Playoff games. The home team is responsible for acquiring a clock operator.

11. The team with the better record has the first option of hosting play-off games. Upon mutual consent of both teams, the team with the lower record could host the game. Any additional financial agreements between the two teams must be submitted to the ECFA President and Vice President and will be enforced by the ECFA Commissioners. 

12. ECFA Tie Breakers:

1. Head to head games (If split games, the better of the scores)
2. Best win/loss record within the division 
3. Best win/loss record in conference 
4. Best team with least points scored against them
5. Best win/loss record outside the division
6. Best win/loss record against common opponents
7. Best win/loss record against common opponents, outside the division
8. Best win/loss record among tied teams
9. Coin toss 

  • Appendix I
-- Conduct Rules

1. All persons participating in ECFA events (games, fundraisers, etc.) will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

2. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Consequences that may be assessed include but are not limited to suspensions and/or fines. These consequences are at the discretion of the ECFA President and League Commissioner.

3. Absolutely “NO FIGHTING” will be tolerated. Players and Coaches will be ejected from the game if any fighting occurs:
(Players and Coaches Ejected by the Refs.)
NO appeal process for ejected players or coaches by the Referees.
Progressive Disciplinary Suspensions:

A. 1st Offense – suspended for 1 game. $50 fine to the team

B. 2nd Offense - suspended for 3 games- $100 fine game to the team

C. 3rd Offense - suspended for the remainder of the ECFA Season -$250 fine game to the team

D. The ECFA board reserves the right to review the game film to access the severity of the player’s actions.

E. The ECFA Board reserves the right to hand out suspensions for actions not caught by the Referees but were visible on film.

F. The ECFA Board also reserves the right to bypass the Progressive Disciplinary Action guidelines dependent on the severity of the player’s actions and the results.

G. In order for player(s) to be reinstated they must go in front of the disciplinary board. This is done AFTER fine has been paid, and suspension has expired. Note: This is to be reinstated, this is not an appeal.

I. If anyone caught spitting on another person they will be removed from the game and suspended for the remainder of the season.

J. NO SMOKING or USE OF ANY TOBACCO PRODUCTS (including MARIJUANA) as well as alcohol at any ECFA function including games. 
This includes pre-game, during the game and post-game.

4. Fines – Any fines assessed must be paid in full before player/teams can resume play. No refunds will be given.

5. Suspensions made by the ECFA Board aside from Referee Ejections can be appeals to the ECFA Staff.

6. All Appeals MUST be initiated by a Team Owner, not a player, in writing within 12 hours of the notice of suspension.

7. Any violations of ECFA facility requirements will result in $50.00 fine per violation.
8. Any violations of ECFA uniform policy will result in $50.00 fine per violation.

  • Appendix II

- COVID-19 – Any or all rules on facilities and/or scheduling are subject to change within any part of the season. The ECFA is asking for team’s and staff total cooperation and understanding for the unseeable future.

****PLEASE WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES during an ECFA event…also please follow all protocol as given***